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Today, I'm my own seven dwarfs: Sneezy, Itcy Eyes, Stubby Toes, Bitchy, Lazy, Boring, Slobby. I've been frogging an old crocheted Cascade 220 scarf and dust and dander have been flying everywhere. Guess I haven't stored it too well. As a result, I've been sneezing and rubbing my eyes all afternoon. It doesn't help that the bf and I acquired a dusty old (free!) queen sized mattress yesterday. I don't feel like working on my paper even though the deadline is this Friday.

Been working on the knitty xback tank:

Trial 1: Too wide! Like many bloggers, I found that casting on the original number of stitches for the recommended needle size made a tube that was far too wide, even though I got gauge. I ended up doing a swatch and measuring only after stretching it out. I'm using Tahki Capri and I like how it's turning out otherwise.

Trial 2: I had gotten 6 balls of Tahki Capri in a swap: 4 blue and 2 white. I've been toying with stripes or just making the tank the two colors without stripes. Here's my first attempt at striping. I don't like the way it's coming out in seed stitch.

Trial 3: This time, I inserted a knit round before proceeding with seed. I'm very happy with the results!