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2009 LYS tour


The Weaving Works, Seattle
Aubri, Mimi, and I met at Weaving Works; the plan was to meet at 4:30, but I showed up at 5:05, huffed as usual and I ran in to get my passport. The pattern is a for a cashmere lace hood. No way am I spending $37.50 on one skein, so I collect my stamp and free pattern and we go. Mimi made us an awesome google map of all the stops.

Bad Woman Yarn, Seattle
I had just been in Wallingford with my labmate consuming a (margarita) cupcake and chai before I took the bus back to school, my bike back home, and then my car to Weaving Works. Note the poor planning. The free pattern was a cashmere (again?!?) neckwarmer. There were some nice sales on Lopi in the back, but I wasn't too interested and left empty-handed. acapuccina treated me to a raspberry French soda at Trophy. Desiree showed up and despite her hunger, we somehow twisted her arm into coming with us. Since Desiree and I often discuss and disagree on cupcakes, we decided to settle the debate once and for all: Cupcake Royale vs Trophy Cupcakes! We're conducting a "scientific" experiment with Liz acting as PI. Frosting will be separated from cake, similar flavors between the two stores (vanilla, chocolate, red velvet) will be acquired. I'm still always going to choose Cupcake Royale.

Fiber Gallery, Seattle
Onward to Fiber Gallery! I had made their baby sweater from last year so was excited for their yarn and pattern. They had Dream in Color Starry (oooh!) and a cute beret.

Full Circle Yarn, Seattle
I often say that the yarn in this store "hasn't moved in twenty years," but it had a pretty updated selection this year and two cute patterns to boot! The knit pattern was a felted octopus (SWTC Karaoke) and the crochet pattern was a cell phone cozy (Jo Sharp Soho Summer).

Hilltop Yarn, Seattle
Hilltop Yarn had the best presentation of their patterns in full color pages: Karen's crocheted flower mitts in Hazel knits Artisan sock and Jenny's Serengeti Snuggly (cowl) in Curious Creek Serengeti. Hilltop is definitely one of my favorite stores and I almost left with some sale sock yarns. They had a cute sink display for Japanese yarn used in dishclothes.

Seattle Yarn Gallary, Seattle
Last, but not least for Day 1, Seattle Yarn Gallery, where I got Desiree's "Christmas Rock" socks for our holiday yarn exchange last December. Their pattern was a face cloth in Louisa Harding Silk. Mimi saw this great felted radish and got the pattern.

It was 8pm, so I finally let everyone stop and eat. I didn't want to stop until all the stores were closed. Poor Desiree was starving. We found a Mexican place in West Seattle and chowed down. I didn't buy any yarn or patterns on Day 1, but there was much more to come.


Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, Bainbridge Island
Aubri, Liz, and I met for the 4:40 ferry and wondered if it was just us. Mimi found us on board and I obsessed over matrices on my mac during the ride over. The plan was dinner, Churchmouse and ice cream. We went to the pub and Liz and I enjoyed a (strong!) coconut margarita as we all dug into poutine. We passed a pretty cute fabric store, but it was closed, so we made our way to Churchmouse. The free pattern was a bed sock made from KPPM and I snapped up two skeins to make socks for Seth and the pattern for the Baby Surprise Jacket. We each received a glass of cognac (?) and chose between tea and tape measures for our free gift. Then Mora ice cream and Liz brought a pint back for Bob.


Late as usual, I made it to the Park & Ride at 9:40 AM to meet Aubri, Beth, Liz, Desiree, James, and Mimi. We headed north to Bellingham and then worked our way south.

NW Handspun, Bellingham
This place was really cute but a little cramped. I obsessed over a $35 Cricket Loom, but couldn't decide to buy it. The pattern was a little purse in Plymouth Boku, which is a lot like Noro Kureyon. A lot of us got Monarch Lace Wing sock yarn, but I left without purchases.

Apple Yarns, Bellingham
Apple Yarns had two patterns: a crocheted cowl in Manos Silk Blend and knit booties in Huckleberry Knits Trillium merino. Both were tempting, but I walked out of there with 3 skeins of Plymouth Earth Mainland (baby alpaca/silk) and Lake Whatcom alpaca (local!).

Knot Just Yarn, Burlington
Onto Knot Just Yarn, with a leg warmers pattern in Dream in Color Classy. Liz picked up a pretty reversible cabled scarf pattern and I got a shrug pattern; both for Classy. This place was cute with an adorable greyhound named Winky (after the house elf).

Wild Fibers,Mt. Vernon
The store had fingerless mitts worked in either Tofutsies or Noro Kureyon/Silk Garden Sock. I was intrigued by some Silk Garden Sock that reminded me of Starry Night, but didn't get it. I have tons of sock yarn! Liz almost lost her sock in progress, but luckily we located it before continuing on.

Great Yarns, Everett
This was a cute shop with a huge basement of sale novelty yarn. The shop pattern was a crochet or knit shawl made with a HUGE 200g ball of Marble Chunky ($13). At this point, we split up and Desiree's car (with James, Mimi, and Aubri) headed straight for Village Yarn and Tea, while Beth's car (with me and Liz) headed to Main Street Yarns.

Main Street Yarn, Mill Creek
The shop pattern was a pair of fingerless gloves in some Rowan Tweed that matches a Knitty hat pattern Shedir. Here, I found the deal of the day: 5 balls of Lamb's Pride Superwash in brown for $26. It'll be some sort of sweater, but I haven't decided yet. This was a cool looking store, but we didn't get to spend much time. There was half an hour left and we still wanted to make it to VYT!

Village Yarn & Tea, Shoreline
We made it with a little time to spare. The pattern was a set of elbow-length fingerless gloves in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Tempting again, as was the Plucky Knitter and sale yarns (Rowan All Seasons Cotton and MerLin for Beth). We may return to snatch up these nice summer yarns.


Acorn Street, Seattle
Aubri, Liz, and I met at the 65th/Ravenna Park 'n' Ride at 11 AM and headed to Acorn Street. The free pattern was a baby sweater in JJ's Handpainted 10 ply. I almost wanted to get it to make a sweater for Dan Klein's baby girl, but they're in LA and the yarn is wool and that doesn't seem practical. They had the cutest buttons! Maybe I'll make the sweater in a cotton yarn for them.

Tricoter, Seattle
Tricoter's pattern was a LYS tour scarf in Socks that Rock. I picked up a skein in Alina, which happened to look just like my Koigu. Oops. I feel okay with my purchase because Tricoter sounds like they've hit on hard times. They've a 15% off sale since last fall.

Hilltop East, Bellevue
Hilltop East had a knit market bag and crocheted flower scarf, both in tofutsies. I ended up with a reversible lace scarf pattern by Heartstrings.

Cultured Purls, Issaquah
This was a pretty cute store with fingerless gloves in Debbie Bills Baby Cashmerino. I almost bought some to make a baby sweater, but couldn't justify the price. Liz ended up with a pretty cool sock yarn - Wollenboll? - and was tempted by the needle gauge necklaces.

The Knittery, Renton
The Knittery had a sock pattern and lace sampler shawl (Silky Alpaca), both knit. We stopped for lunch in the subs place next door.

Renaissance Yarns, Kent
Renaissance Yarns had a fingerless mitt pattern in Merisoft by Punta Yarns, which was definitely tempting. Aubri picked up 3 purposely mismatched skeins of Lorna's Laces in blues, pinks and purples. Liz ended up with some tweed for a hat. We all voted on chickens designed and knit by customers (and all voted for #4).

The Yarn Stash, Burien
The ladies at The Yarn Stash were super nice and gave us coupon booklets for discounts all through the summer. The featured patterns were a crocheted jewelry bag in Zitron Savanna and knitted/felted clogs in Cascade Eco Wool ($15 for natural and dyed!). I may have to go back and pick up two for a sweater. Liz picked up two for a wedding present and Aubri got some Mochi yarn and something else. Bonnie and Beth were so nice that they gave us a map from their store to Seattle Yarn Gallery. We went back to Seattle Yarn Gallery so Liz could pick up her stamp and pattern. Then we dropped off Aubri and headed to Fiber Gallery. Sadly, they were out of cashsoft. I think I have enough yarn anyway!

So ends the 2009 LYS tour. 21 stores (10 new to me, 4 faves: VYT, Churchmouse, Hilltop, The Yarn Stash), 11 skeins of yarn (2073 yards), 30 patterns (3 bought, 6 crochet), and $127 later, I ended up with:

From crafts

I call that a success!

ETA 10:54 PM knitmi has a great post with maps of our travels and commentary on the food.
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