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dream swatch

sock yarn obsessed

Here is my attempt to use up some sock yarn.

Before. I was going to make matching socks for robogock and myself.

Devan sweater: front
After. Tada! A baby sweater and socks for Moneta and Ethan's month-old baby, Adina. Moneta hasn't seen this yet and I'm giving this to her on Wednesday.

sweater: back
This is the back. I wanted the stripes to occur at the same frequency so knit it from two balls, switching in the middle (where you see the seam). This took a whole bunch of tries and is still visible, but I like the effect.

Front and back of a sub-par attempt.

The beginning: the front.

baby socks!
And, of course, a close-up of the socks.

I've spent all day looking at other people's stashes (on Ravelry) for sock yarn. I'm utterly obsessed and really don't need any more. This is my sock stash as of July 3, 2007. There's a bit more now and some of it is gone.

sock yarn stash
Clearly, I need to knit faster.


Thank you! :D I'm very pleased and have been showing it off to everyone who will look.

One of the sock toes are too pointy! But I'm also really pleased that those stripes match too. :)
This is so great! I'm so glad I got to see the finished product at knitting last week. Very impressive!
Thanks! I think I'm going to bring it to show the Yarn Harlot. You have to bring your first sock to show her!
dream swatch

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