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I forgot to blog about the finished Odessa.

Odessa for mom

I ended up finding hook size 10 that fit into my 4 mm beads. This was easier than my bent wire method. I finished it in time for my mom's birthday on February 7th, which was Lunar New Year. I had stopped after the hat was 5 inches rather than 5.5 in and later regretted it after I did all the decreases. Instead of undoing the crown, I picked up stitches along the brim and added another half inch. I think I'd like to make my mom a beret too; she has biggish hair.

Also, I've received some cool homemade presents.

For Valentine's Day, Seth got me a cool robot hand towel.

robot towel from
It's hand crafted and distributed by an indie company Shana Logic. It's a little dirty in this picture, but it's because I'm using it!

Also, Seth's sister made me this great robot softie.

robot from Emily
Look at the fantastic details from the arms and hands to the shiny buttons. Emily is very talented and has made several animals, especially notable is a minotaur.

Last week I bought myself a macbook to replace my 4.5 year old dell. I had to make it a case so it didn't get scratched.

laptop case
I'm pleased with how the pockets carry my charger and extension cord.

I don't want to blog about new projects without giving too much away, so they'll probably only be posted as I finish them.
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