smallsmallfaery (smallsmallfaery) wrote,

Christmas presents

I got through the knitting crunch and finished some presents.

Clogs for Seth's sister, Emily:
finished clogs

A scarf for Seth's mom, Beth:
for Beth

A scarf for Leo:
illusion scarf

With an illusion Tux (in the previous picture, the penguin goes up to my navel):
illusion scarf

Potholders for Kristen and Geoff (they're in the mail, they haven't gotten them yet!):

Of course, now I have some projects in progress.

New toe-up socks in garter rib:
toe-up sock, take two

My first toe-up sock was a bit tight and has a hole in it:
toe up sock, take one

Odessa hat for my mom:
Odessa hat

For the Odessa hat, I tried beading by stringing all the beads on first, but pushing the beads along, but the wool broke as I did that. I also wanted to try to the crochet method, but I didn't have a hook small enough to fit into my 4mm beads. So, I made a make-shift hook with wire and it turned out all right.

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