smallsmallfaery (smallsmallfaery) wrote,

I'm fish-nished!

What started out as
two fish...

turned into
fish blanket

yarn: Caron Simply Soft
needles: 7 straight
modifications: crochet border on each fish and entire blanket
start: April 2007
finish: October 2007

This is far from perfect, but I'm pleased with it. I should practice more joining techniques because I wasn't satisfied by my first crochet join (not pictured), which is why I ended up adding a crochet border to each fish. However, I crocheted around the fish too tightly instead of following the shape with increases and decreases. As a result, the fish are a little bumpy.

I'm tempted to write up a pattern where one makes strips of fish: start at the head, knit to tail, continue without breaking yarn, start new tail decreasing to head.
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